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Indoor, Outdoor, Residential, and Commercial.
Floor, Wall, Bathroom, Kitchen, Fireplace, Entryway, Laundry Room, Bar, Restaurants Pool and more


Polaris Tile Remodeling, National Tile Contractor Association  and Sirius Foundation

We are proud members of the National Tile Contractor Association and provide details oriented jobs for all customers who are in central Ohio region. 
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Concious Life Expo

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FCICA  Convention and Commercial Flooring Trade Show Austin, Texas

Coverings , Orlando, Florida

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At Polaris Tile, LLC it is our mission to provide the highest quality of service in all aspects of our business. We are extremely thorough in the services that we provide and aim to be very receptive to any client's issues, questions, or concerns and handle them promptly and professionally. We take the necessary steps to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with all of our contractual and assumed responsibilities. Above all else, we will fulfill these responsibilities while maintaining the highest ethical standards in both our work and our character. Call us today!

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